About Us

About Us

Freshware is committed to bringing a large, diverse and unique range of locking/door hardware products to the Australian manufacturing sector.

We carry a wide range of trusted brands:

> Brands such as Firstlock, Carbine, Ritefit, Lenlok, Lencare that are designed here in Australia to fulfil particular manufacturing needs and design tastes.
> World renowned brands such as CL, Ryobi door closers, Lockwood, Allegion.

Since we cater to the needs of locking anything made of metal, timber or acrylic, we cater to a range of industries as broad as the imagination. From locking letterboxes to gun safes or toilets to office furniture and everything in between, we have you covered.

Think Locks. Think Freshware.

Letterbox Manufacturers
Garage Doors & Shed Manufacturers 
Acrylic Cabinet Manufacturers
We Have Your Industry Covered
Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers
Toilet Partition Hardware
Cabinet makers & Shopfitters
Office Furniture Manufacturers
Door manufacturers
Sheet metal fabricators