Letterbox Manufacturers

Freshware caters to all letterbox configurations, be it residential, commercial or multi dwelling mailboxes. We work closely with letterbox manufacturers in in order to provide them with diverse and high quality letterbox locking solutions. Whether your letterboxes are made of metal or timber, or maybe you specialise in architectural, custom designs, we have a lock that will be suitable for your needs.

The brands we stock are established with proven reliability over the years. Carbine’s LBX Pro letterbox locks for example not only uses next generation technology but created a solution for a vulnerability that long plagued regular letterbox locks. It’s also Australian made and developed which makes it even better!

Some of our other letterbox locking solutions include:

Garage door & shed manufacturers

Garage door and shed manufacturers are also extensively catered by Freshware’s assortment of products for both residential and commercial use. Our product range is designed to provide premium, high quality and versatile locking solutions for a variety of garage doors including roller, tilt, shutter, sliding and hinged doors.

An example of this is Lenlok’s Commercial Roller Door Locks which are designed for retrofit upgrades and for brand new installations for the typical Australian roller garage door. With an ergonomic high quality metal and finishes designed for easy, no-fuss installation, the commercial range of Lenlok roller door locks are available in multiple variations.

Some of our other garage door and shed locking solutions include:

Acrylic cabinet manufacturers

Acrylic has many functions and uses but is very commonly used for cabinets and Freshware have a wide range of locking solutions for such products. From wafer cam locks to showcase locks; high quality and reliability is what we aim to supply our manufacturers and clients.

So, whether you manufacture custom built acrylic cabinets or specialise in display cabinets and drawers, Freshware is sure to have a lock to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Some of our acrylic cabinet locking solutions include:

Electrical Switchboard manufacturers

Freshware is aware that electrical switchboards are a highly important piece of equipment and house and protect electrical power and components. Securing these switchboards is vital in ensuring the safety of those around it and those it supplies electricity to which is why we offer a number of high quality, affordable and reliable security and locking options to switchboard manufacturers. Not only do we have an extensive range of T&L handles stocking both wafer and pin tumbler options, as well as all the necessary hardware and accessories but we also offer several other locking and non locking solutions.

Some of our other electrical switchboard locking solutions include:

Toilet Partition hardware

Public toilets are a necessity and something most of us don’t blink an eye at but as a toilet partition manufacturer we here at Freshware know and appreciate all the little hardware accessories that need to come together to create a finished product. Do you specialise in timber doors and fit outs, laminate or particle board designs, Freshware can supply all the required hardware and accessories needed. From toilet roll holders and indicator bolts to door handles and hinges, if there’s something you require but can’t find simply ask one of our experienced and friendly sales members.

Some of our other toilet partition hardware includes:

Cabinet Makers and Shopfitters

Cabinet making and outfitting a shop is no easy task, which is why Freshware prides itself on being a one stop shop for cabinet makers and shopfitters and all your hardware and accessories needs. Whether you specialise in custom timber builds or even use acrylic for certain features of jobs, we can fasten and lock most designs and fit outs.

Whether seeking locks for the shop front door or lower security level locking for fit out rooms, Freshware have many options you can choose from. On top of that we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced sales reps that are always happy to lend a hand or help brainstorm a locking solution.

Office Furniture Manufacturers

Freshware offer a large and diverse range of locking and door hardware making it an ideal place to for office furniture manufacturers to source high quality locking and hardware supplies. The brands we stock are well known and reliable and a lot of them are Australian owned like Carbine. So, if you specialise in under desk cabinets and drawers and want to secure them, we’ll have a locking solution for you. Or maybe you supply filing cabinets and storage, don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered.

Door Manufacturers

If there’s one thing Freshware knows, its doors and how to lock them which is why Freshware should be your first stop as a door manufacturer when considering locking solutions. We offer an extensive range of door locking solutions, from BCA compliant leversets and knobsets, to high quality non locking options for commercial or residential applications.

Sheet Metal Fabricators

Sheet metal fabrication is a precise and accurate technique in transforming metal into everyday objects and products and Freshware is proud to bring fabricators and manufacturers a range of high quality and reliable finishes, hardware and accessories.

By working closely with industry participants, Freshware have developed a range of modern and functional designs for locker manufacturers. Additionally, we are constantly sourcing new products and evolving, placing Freshware as one of the leading manufacturers in today’s market.

Aged and Disabled Aids and equipment

As well as locks and door hardware, Freshware also offer a wide range of home modification equipment ideal for but not limited to the aged care and disabilities sectors and clients. We have an extensive range of grab rails to cater to most needs including concealed fix and exposed fix rails, drop down grab rails and modular rails. A large range of shower modification products such as shower rail kits, hand shower in various options and toilet back rests. Not to mention several threshold ramps for better mobility.

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